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Case Study: How Compass Fitness Transitioned Online During COVID-19

This is a 30-minute video chat with Taylor Ames, co-owner of Compass Fitness Denver. Compass is a special client of ours that runs an amazing gym business here in Denver,...

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Case Study: How Piano With Jonny Reached 10,000 Members

This is a 90-minute video chat with Jonny May and Yannick Lambrecht, co-founders of Piano With Jonny (PWJ). We cover a variety of topics from how they got started to systems, content production, work/life balance and much more.

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REAL Coaching Case Study
Case Study: How REAL Flipped the Coaching Model and Doubled their Growth

This is a 75-minute video chat with Isaac Kuhlman, co-founder of REAL Coaching. REAL is one of our oldest and most successful platform clients, and we're honored to share their story.

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3 Stages of Growing an Online Membership Community

Building an online membership community can be a challenging and rewarding undertaking. We’ve helped a variety of coaches, educators and thought leaders build membership communities of different types and sizes….

Effective Course Design for Coaches

Effective course design can help your members stay engaged and make the most out of your coaching curriculum. Well-designed courses help meet the needs of their students by focusing on…

Top Community Plugins for WordPress

When you set out to create a community on WordPress, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many options for community plugins. In this article, we highlight the best WordPress…

Membership Dashboard Design Best Practices

A critical piece to any digital membership experience is your member dashboard. At member(dev) we’ve built a lot of dashboards with unique features and user experiences. We’ve learned a lot…

Top 5 Online Course Platforms for Coaches

Creating the right learning experience for your coaching clients is essential when growing your online course business for your mastermind, group coaching program, or membership site. The challenge can be…

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The Online Membership Guide for Fitness Businesses

We’ve worked with a ton of fitness businesses over the years.  Many of them have built successful brick and mortar gyms or one-on-one personal coaching businesses.  However, these types of…

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The Online Membership Guide for Coaching Businesses

We’ve worked with a lot of coaches over the years.  Many of them have built successful offline businesses.  However, coaching businesses can be stressful and time consuming as they grow. …

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How to Choose a Membership Platform for your Business

Choosing a membership platform requires thoughtful planning, research and execution. But navigating this process can be confusing and time consuming. Where do you start? What do you look for? How…

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