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Jonny May - Piano With Jonny

"Working with Ali and the Memberdev team was one of the best decisions we made as a business.

We quickly learned that in working with Memberdev, we weren’t just working with a talented developer and designer, but with a company that really understood the ins and outs of building membership sites. Ali was able to hone in on the vision for our music education platform, keep us focused, and navigate us through each stage of the process.

One of the big features of our new website involved organizing a huge library of over 700 lessons in a logical way. With the robust filtering system Ali created, it completely solved our problem of helping users find the content they were looking for.

Even amidst complex areas of our project (i.e. live show components, learning tracks, specific member access restrictions), Memberdev remained reliable and totally committed to the success of our project. Ali is not afraid to think outside the box and come up with a better solution than what you originally had in mind.

We have gotten a 5X return on our investment within the first month of launch, and we strongly attribute this to the redesign and enhanced functionality that Memberdev brought to our platform. We can’t recommend them enough."

Jonny May
Piano With Jonny

Piano With Jonny provides online piano lessons, courses and learning tracks.

Brenda Power - Choice Literacy

"What’s different about MemberDev from many firms is how much time goes into the early or conceptual phases of the work. Because we took the time to write out reams of specs for what was required at the new site, as well as lots of time to negotiate what I wanted in the design, the actual coding and design process was streamlined. MemberDev was also the only firm I found that was small and had extensive experience with subscription sites.

If you’re considering a redesign of your website that will cost tens of thousands of dollars, I encourage you to read some of the horror stories on the web of redesigns that have run amok. They almost always start and end the same way — contracts signed quickly with little in the way of clear benchmarks and expectations. Then halfway through the project, deadlines are missed, specs are renegotiated, and costs skyrocket…

MemberDev has a process in place to ensure this doesn’t happen with their projects. They were clear about their deadlines, and also firm about which ones I would need to meet in providing materials and critiques of their work.

Would I hire MemberDev again? In a heartbeat. I was almost sorry to see the redesign process end, and believe me, I never thought I would say THAT about a website redesign."

Brenda Power
Choice Literacy

Choice Literacy provides continuing education and training for primary educators.

Patrick Inhofer - Mixing Light

"Ali and his MemberDev team helped us transform our 4-year old niche membership website. We were a bootstrapped operation using an off-the-shelf Wordpress theme and hit the ceiling in subscriber growth and the capabilities of the underlying website code.

Across four months, many iterations, and much back-and-forth, Ali rebuilt the website with streamlined code and doubled the speed of the site. He kept the visual aspects of what we liked from the old website, introduced us to new concepts and workflows, and put in the time and effort to make sure he hit a hard deadline for the relaunch."

2 years later, we've quadrupled our revenues and our members. We are on a regular schedule with MemberDev, rolling out new features and enhancements. MemberDev has become a trusted member of our team. They've worked with us on building out a metrics 'dashboard' (that we now maintain) to give us monthly feedback on key measurements of our business' health and direction. They helped us switch to a new CRM solution that is cost-effective but scales in features and functionality as our business grows.

Finally, Ali and MemberDev are experts in Membership sites. We often bounce ideas off them, and get feedback on what's worked (or not) for other clients. Often, these conversations take us into new and unexpected places - offering new opportunities for growth or refining existing systems. From time-to-time we've brought in outside experts on narrow aspects on the back-end of the website - and MemberDev has been fully supportive of those efforts, working with those developers as closely as they've worked with us.

The team at is highly supportive of MemberDev and recommends them highly to anyone building a community-based membership website.

Patrick Inhofer
Mixing Light

Mixing Light provides online training, courses and flight paths for color grading professionals.

Om Swami - Black Lotus

"Working with Memberdev has been a real pleasure as they really understand memberships. Ali had amazing insights and ideas in building our site and he's as humble as he's competent. We added requirements even after signing the contract, but he accommodated us with patience and delivered on every single one of them.

We've been flooded with compliments from our users about how beautiful and functional our site is. If you are looking to build a membership site, look no further. Memberdev are really on top of their game. I recommend them without reservations."

Om Swami
Black Lotus is a membership site for the teachings and learnings of Om Swami.

Bill Truby - Truby Achievements

"It takes a LOT for me to endorse a company. Why? Because there aren’t a lot of companies I feel I can endorse. Though often satisfied with the companies I work with, it is rare to find a company like MemberDev that goes BEYOND satisfaction. Beyond the norm. Beyond the expected. Beyond what I imagined.

MemberDev delivered what I didn’t even know I needed. Certainly, they showed their expertise in building a subscription site that was contemporary, functional, attractive and just plain awesome. (They truly are experts in this field). But MemberDev went beyond. They delivered a stress-free process. A comfortable process. A comforting process. One that was punctuated with “if you do THIS, you’ll get THAT” – stuff I didn’t know.

They amplified our subscription-based web project, thus leveraging our business model. MemberDev took us beyond what we paid for, to a place that will give us more than we dreamed of."

Bill Truby
Truby Achievements

Truby Achievements provides online training for leadership and business management systems.

Adam Silver - Strengthnet

“I’ve been operating a membership-based website called since 2001. At the time, it was pretty innovative having workout videos featuring elite strength athletes. The site had been overhauled a couple times through the years, but the last iteration of the site was really dated. I needed a major overhaul! Through my own research, I found Ali Jafarian and MemberDev. Although there were other options out there, I found that Ali and MemberDev offered more for my investment.

MemberDev was very hands on during the entire process from planning to execution and provided technical knowledge as well as creative and business ideas that helped me increase membership sales. I felt like MemberDev was a business partner helping me to make a better site than I would have with just a programmer or software developer. Lastly, they provided me with a proposal at the beginning of the project and met all of the milestones and delivered a site better than I expected, on-time and on-budget.”

Adam Silver

Strengthnet offers online subscriptions to various body builder data, galleries and videos.

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