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Creating a membership website can be confusing, challenging and extremely time-consuming. At member(dev) we make it easy, faster and more efficient.

We help you create, launch and scale your membership platform

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Membership Website Platform

International Gem Society

"I had created two large membership websites using pre-packaged themes. After months of tearing our hair out, it became clear that the only way to maximize the speed and performance of these websites would be to re-build with an entirely custom theme. It was not easy to find people with demonstrated experience building large membership-driven websites on top of Wordpress. Thankfully, we finally found Ali and MemberDev."

- Seth Rosen Owner @ International Gem Society


"For years I had envisioned the dream membership website I wanted. I tried building it my self, huge mistake! Nothing worked the way I wanted and I was totally frustrated by the process. Fortunately for me I found Ali and MemberDev. I really couldn’t be happier with the work Ali did for me, he didn’t just build a website for me, he literally helped me realize one of my dreams! He was friendly, reliable, professional and didn’t waste a moment of my time. Thank you Ali!"

- Adam Silver Founder @ Play.Connect.Grow.


"I've been operating a membership-based website called since 2001. At the time, it was pretty innovative having workout videos featuring elite strength athletes. The site had been overhauled a couple times through the years, but the last iteration of the site was really dated. I needed a major overhaul! Through my own research, I found Ali Jafarian and MemberDev. Although there were other options out there, I found that MemberDev offered more for my investment."

- Adam Silver President @ STRENGTHNET

Reflexion Yoga

"Working with MemberDev has totally changed the trajectory of my business. As a guy whose specialty is in yoga & fitness, building a functional membership site on my own that hosts videos and accepts payments was an absolute nightmare. MemberDev allows me to spend my time doing what I do best, making content​ that my members love!"

- Kyle Weiger Founder @ Reflexion Yoga

Why We're Different

Most developers and agencies have little experience building membership websites or running businesses. We've done both of those for years.

Since 2012 we've designed, developed and grown custom membership platforms. We've helped everyone from entrepreneurs and startups to multi-million dollar businesses. We dig into the details and solve the hardest problems.

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Become Data-Driven

Truly understand your data to make better decisions.

Customer Acquisition Cost

How much does it cost you to acquire a new customer? Knowing this is critical to any subscription based business.

Customer Lifetime Value

What is your average customer worth? Finding CLV is essential, and the fastest way to grow your online business. Period.

Retention & Churn

How long do your customers stick around? Average retention metrics are key components to healthy user engagement.

We'll help you track all of these metrics and more.

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