Case Study: How C-UAS Hub Launched a Niche Membership Marketplace


In this video and case study, Ali interviews Tom and Casey founders of C-UAS Hub to discuss how they launched their niche membership marketplace.


C-UAS hub was created to provide in-depth training and resources for individuals and organizations within the counter-UAS space.

Tom and Casey knew that even with decades of experience within their fields, there was a steep learning curve to launch their niche membership marketplace. During their time with the member(dev) team, they were able to co-create a plan to bring their concept to the marketplace within a matter of months instead of years.

Key Outcomes

  • Brought a unique concept to market and brought in new revenue from customers.
  • Collaborated with the member(dev) team to iterate multiple projects to continually improve the customer experience
  • Leveraged their networking and industry relationships to seed their capital for their project idea.
Becoming the Established Authority in their Industry

The C-UAS Hub team used their knowledge to develop their website as the centralized resource center for industry knowledge about counter-drone technology and counter-UAS. Using the member(dev) platform, the team now provides on-going training, security news, and policy changes to inform individuals and organizations to stay informed.

Building Trust Through Transparency

The founders Casey and Tom created a strategy with their founding vendors and were very transparent about their goals for their platform marketplace and their plans for expansion. With news articles, videos, and industry media coverage, the team has cultivated trust with their online community.

We had an end goal in mind and we just had to figure out the steps in between that would make that successful. We just want to continue providing value and kind of become that central resource for our community.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

The C-UAS Hub team split their projects based on their skills and interests. Both Tom and Casey were able to tackle big tasks and projects in a relatively short window of time. Alongside the member(dev) team, the two teams tackled new and unique ways to work through big ideas and find common ground.

We’ve never felt like a transaction for you. We’ve kind of felt like a teammate and a partner. And that’s some of that same attitude is what we’re trying to bring to our side of the business.

Key Insights
  • Getting out of your comfort zone is essential when trying something new.
  • Collaboration is important, especially when finding/hiring a team to help execute your vision.
  • The journey of starting something new is a marathon. Staying focused and patient is part of the process.
Final Thoughts

Creating a clear roadmap for your vision and finding a team to execute it are essential to achieving your business growth goals.

  • Ideate and plan your projects in sprints. Focus on the key outcomes in stages.
  • Find a collaborative partner that can utilize the skills they have to help you see success in areas you aren’t as strong in.
  • Allow yourself to be in a consistent state of learning – since new projects can come with a steep learning curve.

We hope you enjoyed this case study. If you’ve like to learn more about C-UAS Hub you can visit their site at:

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