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Featured Client: Boldheart

Our team works hard behind the scenes to deliver some of the best online membership site experiences. Here’s a new customer success story from one of our clients: Boldheart

Here’s some detail around their business and why they chose to work with member(dev).


Business Coaching

November 2016

Home to ambitious women in business who want to have it all.

Women Entrepreneurs

Our signature program is where women come to transform overwhelm, get control of their business, scale elegantly to 6 figures, multiple 6 figures (eventually a million a year, if that’s what you dream of) the feminine way, with a high focus on quality of life.

Our founder saw the real case study of Front Row Dads and saw all that was possible.

Keep it simple. Start simple. Ask your most valued members what they need – which is often different from what you think people will want.

They are excellent at seeing the vision, knowing the strategy to make it happen, and then the technical tactics to make it a reality. They care about the user experience as well as the behind-the-scenes technology to make it work.

MemberDev notes

The Boldheart team wanted a world class experience, and with our help, they were able to take their existing members site to the next level of growth. Inside their platform, they are now able to remove the unnecessary reliance on complex code or developers with a simple user-friendly interface for both team members and customers. Our hands-on team allows them to stay focused on creating long-term success for their coaching clients.

With a high level community, they can streamline their existing group coaching program, provide leveraged access to different training modules and lessons all in one spot based on customized training tracks and skills.

Community events are now easier to RSVP for mastermind group sessions, live training webinars, and other important virtual events. Did I mention, coaching clients can easily find lessons, handouts, and past webinar trainings all with an easy to use search window?

The Boldheart team knows how to create a quality, world class training experience for ambitious women entrepreneurs prepared to take their place  into the next stage of growth and profits.

Check out Boldheart’s success and see how you can thrive with a custom membership site platform.

Visit Boldheart’s site.

Melody Johnson

Melody has extensive experience helping visionary leaders and teams expand their recurring revenue through powerful learning experiences. She's well versed in curriculum development, group programs and subscription business models. Melody is passionate about getting our customers better results through effective education and training.

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