Why You Should Avoid Complexity

This is a huge topic that we talk about at member(dev), and something that hits home to Founder/CEO, Ali Jafarian. Most software businesses and online memberships face complexity. It comes...

Content Library Planning

Content planning is essential for any membership site, especially if you plan to scale. We create this quick resource to help you effectively plan content, regardless of your industry or niche. These simple tips will help you structure a well … Read more →

The Value of Authenticity

Now, more than ever, it's essential to be authentic with your membership site. This is a quick video on the value and importance of authenticity.

Managing Features with The CRT Answer Framework

We have a decision framework at MemberDev that we use in our own business and with clients we coach. This framework aims to help you decide on what features to...

Web Essentials 101: How to Monetize Your Online Videos

We're thrilled to share this special webinar with you on how to monetize your online videos. This was a previously recorded LIVE Facebook webinar put on by me (Kyle Weiger), Head of Platform Growth at MemberDev. I share specific strategies, … Read more →

The Importance of Copy & Messaging for Membership Sites

Copy and messaging are a critical part of the sales strategy for membership sites. This 8-minute video breaks down why you need to take copy seriously.

Membership Platform Checklist

Choosing a membership platform for your business can be a daunting task. It involves heavy planning, research and execution. We’ve created a simple and effective checklist to help you choose...

How To Plan Course Content

We've helped many first-time entrepreneurs create and launch their course offerings over the years. This includes millions in sales and hundreds of thousands of customers! However, none of our clients did this overnight. In fact, it took most of them … Read more →

The Anatomy of a Membership Site Special Sale Offer

This video dives into a simple and effective strategy for structuring membership site “special sale” offers. We’ll cover a 3-point framework that we use at member(dev) to help our customers...

When does a custom membership platform make sense?

We get this question ALL the time - “When does a custom membership platform make sense for my business?”

Membership Site Sales Funnel Overview

This video provides an overview of how we define a sales funnel at member(dev). Sales funnels are a critical piece of any membership site. A proper sales funnel is distinguished...

What’s the ROI of a new membership website?

This is a common question that comes up when membership site owners are entertaining the thought of a re-design or significant new development. With most complex questions in life, the answer is "it depends." However, we can isolate a few … Read more →

How should I price my membership subscriptions?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get from new membership site owners. How should I price my membership subscriptions, and why? I like to answer this with 3 major factors: 1) What kind of content schdeule … Read more →

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