Web Essentials 101: How to Monetize Your Online Videos


We’re thrilled to share this special webinar with you on how to monetize your online videos.

This was a previously recorded LIVE Facebook webinar put on by me (Kyle Weiger), Head of Platform Growth at MemberDev. I share specific strategies, tools and tactics used to grow my current online fitness business to over $500k in revenue! These are real stats and figures – no gimmicks.

In this 75-minute webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How to take on COVID-19 and thrive online
  • Product vs Course vs Subscription – How to decide
  • Choosing a platform + tools
  • Things to consider for content creation
  • Quick and cost-effective ways to create quality videos
  • How to structure your product offering
  • How to structure your sales funnel
  • How to kickstart marketing
  • What technologies and software to use

I hope you enjoy the content!


Web Essentials 101: How to Monetize Your Online Videos (PDF)

Kyle Weiger

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