Featured client: Pink Gloves Boxing

We recently launched a new platform for Pink Gloves Boxing! Here’s some detail around their membership.

Pink Gloves Boxing

Fitness / Instructional Boxing / Women Empowerment


Reveal the Champion from within Each Other. We use fun, community, and achievement in our Progressive Tier System to support women grow healthier mentally, physically, and socially.

Anyone, anywhere! It’s female-focused but we welcome all with open arms!

We aren’t your average boxing program. We do not promote torching calories and being better than the person next to you. We know boxing is an art form as well as a skill. We teach the fundamentals to ensure our members stay safe. The only competition in PGB is you vs. you as
you grow alongside a community of empowering women.

MemberDev notes

PGB was amazing to work with. They have a dedicated team with a mission-driven purpose. We were inspired by their unique fitness programming and community building within local universities. Overall, we were honored to work with them and enjoyed helping them plan and launch a new online platform to reach women worldwide.

Check out their new platform!

Visit PGB Platform

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