Featured Client: Leading Peers

We recently launched a new platform for Leading Peers! Here’s some detail around their membership.

Leading Peers

Leadership Development

June 15th, 2020

Peer-to-peer learning for better business leadership

Business CEOs and owners

Leading Peers is the first organization in the CEO empowerment space to offer a 100% digital platform for its members, to provide varied membership plans, to eliminate enrollment fees, and to create a seamless self checkout without an application process.

Leading Peers took the proven concept of CEO peer boards and networks popularized by YPO, Vistage, and Entrepreneurs Organization, and adapted it to a new world were CEOs increasingly demand online services to:

  • Receive mentoring from CEOs who have firsthand experience leading companies
  • Participate in an Advisory Board with trusted peers, led by a professional facilitator
  • Access live interactive trainings designed for CEOs and led by foremost business experts
  • Leverage educational content and resources

Accessible, efficient, and flexible. Leading Peers revolutionizes CEO empowerment so that every business can be led by someone committed to learning and who is working systematically to become a more effective leader.

MemberDev notes

Leading Peers has an amazing mission with a passionate founder. We felt that from the first call with them. They are aiming to solve a much needed problem in the world of leadership by filling a gap for business owners and entrepreneurs. We are excited to see them grow their community and impact leaders!

Check out their new platform!

Visit the Leading Peers Platform

Ali Jafarian

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