Featured Client: Art Feeds

We recently launched a new platform for Art Feeds! Here’s some detail around their membership.

Art Feeds

Non-Profit / Education


Art Feeds believes all children are curious, imaginative, creative, innovative and our greatest resource. We fuel these valuable skills by partnering with schools and children’s organizations to implement creative and expressive arts programming.

Our membership is for anybody nurturing children. Most of our users are teachers in elementary classrooms who need resources to help their students express themselves emotionally and creatively through art. After school programs, homeschool classrooms, church groups, daycare centers and even parents would benefit from our lessons, quick projects, SEL printables, workshop style bundles, teaching videos and Spanish translations.

We don’t just focus on art projects. We work with child trauma specialists and creative art therapists to develop a robust SEL curriculum that uses art as a vessel to meet kids where they are. With every membership providing users with hundreds of projects and resources, we also offer a course on the Art Feeds Method that sets the stage for students to be free and safe to express themselves.

MemberDev notes

Art Feeds was such a joy to work with. Their team is dedicated to bringing creative content to our youth in a unique way. We love their mission to further help and impact the education space!

Check out their new platform!

Visit the Art Feeds Online Platform

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