Welcome, MemberMouse customers!

As a featured contractor, member(dev) provides various levels of support for MemberMouse projects. From basic setup and installation to advanced customizations, our team is well versed in MemberMouse and happy to help.

MemberMouse + MemberDev

"I love sending our customers to MemberDev because years of experience has shown me that these customers are always happy with the results, and what they get is the best possible foundation for long-term success in their business."

- Eric Turnnessen

MemberMouse Services

These are some common services we offer to MemberMouse customers.

Setup and Installation

Need help getting up and running with MemberMouse? We will gladly assist. Our team can provide A-Z setup and installation services to give you a solid foundation.

Product Configuration

Get expert guidance on membership setup and product configuration. This includes membership/product creation, bundle management, content protection and more. We'll help you set things up the "right way."

Theme Development

Looking for a custom WordPress theme that's MemberMouse compatible? You've come to the right place. We've built over 15 WordPress MemberMouse themes with various customizations.

UI / UX Design

Give your MemberMouse site a modern and effective user experience. Our team provides UX and UI design with MemberMouse best practices and compatibility.

Sales Funnel Engineering

Leverage powerful MemberMouse features to design a custom sales funnel. This includes landing pages, high conversion checkout experiences, and one-click upsells.

Advanced Customization

Looking to take your MemberMouse site to the next level? Leverage our development team to build robust features, integrations and custom API development. We can handle just about anything.

MemberMouse Themes

MemberMouse membership themes coming soon...

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MemberMouse Packages

Due to high demand of some specific services, we've created additional one-time purchase packages to help with immediate support.

MemberMouse Consultation

1-Hour Consultation


Schedule a 60-minute chat with us to get an expert opinion on any aspect of your MemberMouse installation. We can spend the 60 minutes discussing whatever you need help or guidance on!

MemberMouse Setup

Site Analysis


We provide a thorough site analysis of your existing membership site with a detailed report. This involves analysis of your front-end user experience, sales funnel, membership area, and back-end WordPress setup.

MemberMouse API Development

Sales Funnel Development

Custom Quote

Hire us to design and build out your sales funnel. This includes user experience design, front-end coding, and back-end development + MemberMouse product configuration. Contact us for a free quote.

MemberMouse API Development

API / Push Notification Development

Custom Quote

Need some custom API or Push Notification development? No problem, we'd be happy to help! Contact us for a free quote.